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Golden Subsidy

Golden Subsidy

SKU: 217537123517253

If the American Dollar fails. What do you personally have? Either bank FDCI, which is a scam, to lend your money out in favor of their financial gain or a limited amount of Gold or Silver, which is unsustainable for most. We’ve put both essentially in a packaged deal for Citizens. & So much more…

*One Payment for each 3 month subscription

(Receive a payout or continue compounding safely without reinstating the fee)

*Economic Backup Coverage For Currency Failure

*$250 Gift With Purchase

*111% ROI Compounded Daily

*Backed By $1.2 trillion Network ( Oil, Gold, Platinum, Etc.)

*Grow Wealth Core Points To Purchase All Basic Necessities & Travel

*100% Money Back Guaranteed

*Lastly, Welcome To The Wealth Core

  • Return Policy

    30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee or Complete Refund!

  • Proof Of Life Section

    Proof Of Life, Business, Or Citizenship Will Be Required. NO EXCEPTIONS. 50% Will Be Refunded Immediately After Deduction Fees

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